Wavemaster XXL Training Bag Review

If you are looking for a great heavy bag then can save you space and money while allowing you to train at your maximum capacity then you have to consider the Century Wavemaster XXL training bag. The XXL is a very popular free standing heavy bag made by Century MMA. The bag is made with high-density foam and comes with a heavy-duty vinyl cover and a hard plastic base, which can easily be filled with water or sand. The foam filler is designed to distribute force evenly, which makes the bag relatively forgiving when punching and kicking. Unlike many other heavy bags that only come in black, the XXL has three great colors, including red, blue and black. All the colors are very nice, but we particularly like the red and blue colors since they stand out compared to other bags. Let’s take a look at all of the features that make the XXL a high quality purchase for martial arts, boxing, and cardio workouts:

Key Stats

  • Weight: 270 pounds (including base)
  • User Rating: 4.4
  • Height: 69 inches
  • Diameter: 18 inches
  • Fill Options: Sand or water
  • Weight Distribution: May vary depending on whether you fill it with sand or water
  • Assembly Difficulty: Very Easy (no tools needed)
  • Base: Hard plastic, Uncovered (no padding)
  • Striking Surface: Thick foam covered by durable vinyl
  • Support Partner: Recommended for heavy hits (power punching, elbows)
  • Noise Level (during training): Medium to High (on concrete/hardwood) – Low (on carpet)
  • Warranty: One year

Distinct Size and Features

Once assembled, the XXL weighs in at approximately 270 pounds, which includes the weight of the base. With a diameter of 18 inches and a height of 69 inches, the XXL is easily one of the largest free standing heavy bags available on the market today. In fact, the XXL’s size is what separates it from the rest of the heavy bags in the Wavemaster line.

Other Wavemaster products are significantly smaller and, although they tend to be adjustable in height, we do not find them to be nearly as stable as the XXL. The XXL’s superior stability allows for a wider variety of uses, which is one of the main reason this punching bag is great for both recreational users and also serious martial artists and fighters.

wavemaster xxlThe XXL is a newer model compared to other bags in the Wavermaster line and it was designed to be easier to fill. Water is the most common filling choice for free standing heavy bags and Century made sure that the XXL’s base is less likely to splash out of the filling cap. This helps to avoid getting the training surface wet, which could potentially be a safety issue. We do find the plastic base to be a little high for small children who run the risk of missing the padding and injuring their toes. Parents and martial arts instructors who teach kids classes should take this into consideration before allowing smaller children to hit this bag. However, as long as you are careful this shouldn’t be a problem.

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XXL Advantages

Free standing heavy bags are perfect for home use, as they do not require a large training space, nor do they require any modification to the room. At the same time, they are easier to fill/unfill and also roll, which makes them dramatically easier to store when compared to traditional punching bags. It is for this reason that we would recommend the Century Wavemaster XXL training bag to people who are looking for something that can be used at home and don’t want to hang a heavy bag from the ceiling.

The XXL is also excellent for cardio-based exercise classes at fitness gyms, as they can easily be rolled out when needed and then put away when the class is done. The XXL makes an excellent addition to any aerobic-kick boxing class, as the primary function of a free standing heavy bag is to develop cardio. Most other smaller free standing heavy bags would not necessarily meet the stability requirements necessary to train fighters who are looking to compete in MMA or boxing. However, since the XXL’s size and stability allow it to stand up to power shots better than most standing punching bags, we recommend it to aspiring fighters as an excellent supplement to their training.

With adequate space, a fighter can practice drills using their footwork with an emphasis on circling or angles against a stationary target and then apply these drills in sparring practice or in fights. Distance and timing, however, are not as much of a factor with free standing bags when compared to hanging bags because they remain stationary. This is why we suggest the XXL punching bag as a supplement for people training to be fighters, in addition to their more dynamic hanging heavy bag workouts.

A quick video to show the Wavemaster XXL free standing bag in real conditions:


Things to Consider with the XXL

For the best stability, we have found that it is best to fill the XXL with sand. Water will inevitability move back and forth with each punch or kick, which may cause the XXL to move across the floor and potentially tip over. Filling the XXL with sand will ensure a much more stable base, alleviating the concern of punching or kicking too hard.

Sand also removes the concern for storing the XXL in a hot or cold environment. We would not recommend storing the punching bag outside exposed to weather; however, it is possible to place it within a garage or basement setting. If you were to fill the base with water and let it sit in an area with a low temperature, the water will freeze and potentially crack the hard plastic base. Sand eliminates this possibility as it works well with extreme temperatures.

If you live in an apartment or close quarters neighborhood, the noise level of the XXL may become a problem depending on the surface you place it on. We would recommend a carpet or very padded surface. Placing the punching bag on concrete, hard wood, or tile has been found to be extremely noisy as the XXL may move across the floor or the base may constantly be moving in an up-and-down fashion, producing a consistent knocking noise. Also, placing the XXL on hardwood or tile may damage the surface.

It’s also very important to note that the Wavemaster XXL is not a completely rigid punching bag. The striking surface moves with punches and kicks for a number of reasons. First and foremost, if you were to strike a completely rigid, unmoving stand, the risk of the base and/or padding holder (the plastic piece within the padded surface) breaking would increase significantly. The XXL has a slight ebb and flow of movement to disperse impact tension equally throughout.

Secondly, a moving bag is far more realistic to hanging heavy bag, which are the most ideal for training. Thirdly, when fighting an opponent, he/she will not be staying still. Training with a bag that moves in response to your strikes is ideal for developing realistic strikes and fighting techniques.

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Comparison to Other Wavemaster Heavy Bags

century wavemaster xxl heavy bagIn many ways the Wavemaster XXL punching bag is the ideal free standing heavy bag and while expensive, we believe the bag provides very good value for both recreational fitness users and serious martial artists alike. However, there are a few other Century Wavemaster heavy bags you may want to consider. These include the Original, Powerline, Cardio and Kid Kick.

Wavemaster XXL Scoring Zones

The Wavemaster xxl scoring zones is the newborn from Century. It allows a more precise training with the help of differents scoring zones displayed on the punching bag. You can use it for both kicking and punching for heads and body shots. It remains a heavy bag with a weight of 270 pounds when filled.

Original Wavemaster

The Original Wavemaster is the first Wavemaster punching bag that Century released over a decade ago. This bag is significantly smaller and not nearly as padded as the XXL. While a very good bag itself, well trained martial artists or people with significant power may find the padding on this bag inadequate.

Powerline Wavemaster

The Powerline Wavemaster was developed for power hitters who want the benefits of a free standing heavy bag, but with additional padding. It has double the padding of the Original, and although adjustable, it is still significantly smaller than the XXL, which means it’s not as versatile of a bag.

Cardio Wavemaster

The Cardio Wavemaster is much softer to strike than the Original model, however, since it is clearly intended for aerobic workouts, it lacks the stability necessary for developing power. This punching bag should only be used in pure cardio workouts where significant power in kicks and punches isn’t used.

Kid Kick Wavemaster

The only other Wavemaster to consider is the Kid Kick Wavemaster. As the name implies though, this bag is designed for kids. It is significantly smaller than the Original and it is also based much closer to the ground, which makes it an ideal choice for kids who are too small for other bags.

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Competitors to the XXL

Several brands make free standing heavy bags that compete with the XXL training bag, including Everlast, Title and Ringside and even the UFC. There are many different bags that range in size, price and quality. You can also check out our complete Century Wavemaster reviews for more information on other great products.

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