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The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, is known primarily as a mixed martial arts promotion, but what many people don’t know is that they also produce MMA gear under the UFC brand. Like any other company, the UFC heavy bags run the range from ok to great and in the article below we review 4 of their top heavy bags. Make sure to read all the reviews so that you can decide if a UFC punching bag is right for you.

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UFC 100 lb. Competition Oversized Heavy Bag

  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • User Rating: 4.1

UFC Heavy BagThe UFC 100 lb. Competition Oversized Heavy Bag is a standard weight punching bag similar to other bags that you might find in any boxing or MMA gym. The bag is constructed from durable vinyl and filled with synthetic fiber. It is available in black with the UFC logo in red letters. The bag hangs from a solid steel chain assembly with a ring at the top. This helps to ensure that the chains do not get tangled and makes for an easier hanging process.

What separates this bag from most standard punching bags is its dimensions. The bag is 52 inches tall and has a large diameter of 16 inches, making it one of the fatter 100 pound heavy bags on the market. Because of these dimensions, and the synthetic fiber filing, the bag is relatively stable and very forgiving. As such, we recommend this bag to aerobic fitness users as well as MMA athletes who wish to work on kicks and knees as well as punches. Its wide diameter creates a larger striking surface area, which really lets the striker to dig their shin into the bag, helping them to build their kicking power.

The synthetic filler is not packed too tightly making the bag a little on the softer side. However the filler does have the tendency to settle to the bottom a little bit after regular use, although not dramatically. This means that the bottom might get a little harder than the top, but not so much that it hitting it would cause injury as long as proper precaution is taken. We really like this UFC heavy bag and recommend it highly.

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UFC OcTek MMA Heavy Bag

  • Weight: 70 or 80 pounds
  • User Rating: 5

UFC Heavy BagsThe UFC OcTek MMA heavy bag is on the lighter side of heavy bags, but still not the smallest that you might find. It is constructed from synthetic “OcTek” material, which is an strong interlocking woven vinyl material, and is filled with a mixture of shredded cotton fiber and sand, making it very forgiving, yet still stable.

Rather than being suspended by chains, this UFC heavy bag is hung by the so-called “Flex4” suspension system, which are four hard compound rubber straps that makes for easy setup, provides less noise than a bag hung by a chain, and also adds to the bag’s overall stability. These two features are excellent touches, which simply illustrate how well designed this training bag is, as most bags less than 100 pounds tend to lack the stability requirements for most adult MMA fighters.

The UFC punching bag is made from durable long-lasting material that doesn’t dent easily. The oversized diameter gives this bag a larger striking surface, which makes the UFC OcTek MMA Heavy Bag ideal for a variety of strikes — not just punches, but also kicks, knees and elbows. We recommend this bag to aerobic-fitness users because it is light and forgiving, but also provides some resistance. We also recommend it to aspiring MMA fighters who are looking to develop their technique on steady punching bags without injury.

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3-Piece UFC Youth MMA Training Punching Bag Set

  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • User Rating: 4.3

The UFC Youth MMA Training Punching Bag Set comes complete with a 9 pound punching bag, a heavy gauge zinc plated steel heavy bag mounting system, and a pair of MMA training gloves. The 9 pound bag is available in black with the UFC logo in large red letters. It is perfect for younger boxers wanting to improve their sparring techniques.

The bag is made of vinyl, and comes pre-filled with shredded cotton and polyester fibers that is mixed with sand. This makes the UFC bag comfortable to hit and forgiving to the striker’s hand. Instead of chains, the UFC 9 Pound bag hangs from heavy duty web straps, which easily connect to the training bag mounting system and can be conveniently mounted on wooden ceiling supporters. The MMA training UFC Youth MMA Training Punching Bag Setgloves are smaller to fit younger
fighters hand and offer enough protection for aerobic-fitness users who want to experience the novelty of wearing UFC brand MMA gloves while exercising, however they do not provide enough protection for serious fighters or power hitters. For these users, we would recommend getting bag gloves that offer a little more protection.

The bag itself is ideal for aerobic fitness users who want to get a good workout in, as well as children and lighter fighters. It is an excellent size for wrestling drills that involve lifting and carrying a punching bag over any distance, which is something that MMA fighters might find themselves doing in training from time to time. Heavier young fighters (160 lbs and up), however, should consider purchasing a heavier bag UFC bag (or another brand) in order to properly develop power in their shots as 9 pounds is too light to offer the necessary resistance.

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UFC Training Station

  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • User Rating: 3.4

UFC Freestanding Punching BagsThe UFC Training Station is a free standing heavy bag, which is adjustable in height, ranging from 51 inches to 67 inches. The shell of the bag portion is constructed of OcTek material, which is a strong interlocking woven vinyl material. Under the shell you will find a matrix of force dispersing closed cell polyurethane memory foam style padding. The hard plastic base features core strengthening stations and resistance band channels (although it does not come with resistance bands), making this not only a training bag but a full “training station”.

Unfortunately, because of these extra features, as well as some design issues, this UFC bag has a number of drawbacks that might dissuade serious MMA fighters from purchasing it. As a free standing heavy bag, it provides enough padding for aerobic fitness users to strike with hand protection, however we would not recommend it for heavy power kicking as these strikes will go right through and reach the hard plastic centre, which could lead to potential injury. The filling assembly has some water leaking issues, and a common complaint is that some of the plastic pieces, such as the height adjusting insert or the plastic screws, tend to break after repeated use. The extra workout features also tend to break down after heavy impact. Therefore, we would not recommend this UFC training bag to serious fighters. Aerobic fitness users may enjoy the size and shape of the bag, so this could be a consideration for them.

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