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Muay Thai has its roots in the techniques of Muay Boran, a 2000 year old Thai military martial art. In the 1920s Muay Thai evolved into a formalized sport, with Western style boxing gloves, boxing ring, and timed rounds. Today it is widely considered to be one of the most effective methods of stand up fighting, and is a mainstay in MMA fighters’ training camps.

Finding a good Muay Thai heavy bag is essential for training, but with so many different heavy bags from various brands it can be a challenge to find the right one. In the article below, we review 4 of the top Muay Thai punching bags from major MMA brands like Ringside, Outslayer, Combat Sports and Title. Make sure to read the reviews before purchasing your next Muay Thai bag.

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Ringside Muay Thai Heavy Bag

  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • User Rating: 5

Ringside Muay Thai Punching BagThe Ringside Muay Thai training bag is tall and slender, with a 70 inch height and 13 inch diameters The bag weighs 100 pounds when filled and comes in a dark black color with a Ringside logo on the upper front. The bag is constructed from top grain cowhide leather, with a once inch foam liner. This liner gives the bag a cushioned, worked in feel directly out of the box, which helps to prevent hand injury. The heavy filling prevents the bag from swinging wildly, which can be an issue with longer heavy bags. The cowhide is exceptionally durable, and ensures that the bag will retain its shape even after repeated blows.

The top of the bag remains dense, while the bottom remains forgiving, which is important for aspiring Muay Thai or MMA fighters, as it prevents injury while perfecting the devastating Muay Thai low kick. It comes with a chain and a swivel, allowing for multiple hanging options. Ringside’s Muay Thai bag was clearly designed with MMA and Muay Thai fighters in mind. We would not recommend this bag for a fighter who is training to compete under a rule set that does not allow low kicks, as they would simply be better off with a traditional western boxing punching bag. It would suffice as an aerobic fitness bag because of its relative softness, but does not hold any clear advantage over other aerobic heavy bags. Ringside’s bag is a well designed, comfortable bag that will stand up to heavy use and is a necessity in any Muay Thai or MMA gym.

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Title Classic Banana Heavy Bag

  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • User Rating: 4.5

Title Muay Thai Heavy Bag ReviewThe Title Classic Banana Heavy Bag comes in at 72 inches long and has a 14 inch diameter. The bag weighs 100 pounds and is notable for it’s rich red color (black version is also available). The bag is constructed with high-quality triple-layered synthetic leather, making it very durable. It is packed with a foam liner, which feels great when hitting it and also adds to the bag’s stability. The bag comes pre-filled with resistance fiber, which prevents the bag from warping and the filling from settling to the bottom.

All Muay Thai style bags have the tendency to swing when not anchored to the ground because of their unique long and skinny dimensions. However, while the Title Classic Banana Heavy Bag does swing, it is less than many other Muay Thai punching bags. The bag is packed very tight and can be a little harder than some other bags, but it is by no means rock hard and should work in a little bit after considerable use. The bag provides significant resistance and is ideal for developing power in all Muay Thai techniques, especially kicks.

Hand protection should always be worn while punching this bag. Similarly, kicking with an unconditioned shin might prove somewhat unforgiving. Because of this, we would not recommend this bag to aerobic fitness users as it might be too hard for recreational use. We would, however, recommend this bag more for advanced MMA and Muay Thai fighters who have built up some conditioning in their shins and need a long lasting, durable Muay Thai punching bag that won’t warp or break down when hit hard.

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Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag

  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • User Rating: 5

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy BagsThe Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag measures 72 inches in height with a 14 inch diameter, and weighs a very heavy 130 pounds. It is constructed from heavy duty vinyl. This bag comes filled with compressed fabric, as opposed to sand, which prevents settling and empty spots (there is also an unfilled option). This bag is not hung by a chain, but rather by 4 straps that are constructed from the same heavy duty material as the bag.

This punching bag is exceptionally durable and it should stand up to powerful kicks and punches for a long time. Outslayer stands firmly behind the quality of their product and offers a very good 10-year warranty. The Muay Thai bag is also designed to hold up to to 300 pounds without warping or breaking should you want to add extra weight. However, this should only by done by people very experienced in Muay Thai as 130 pounds is heavy enough for nearly any fighter to get enough resistance to develop power in their technique. This bag might be a little hard for aerobic fitness users, but we would definitely recommend it to MMA or Muay Thai fighters who are looking for a bag to blast day in and day out.

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Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag

  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • User Rating: 4.8

The Combat Sports Muay Thai training bag is 72 inches in length and has the smallest diameter of any bag we’ve reviewed here at just 12 inches. This pre-filled bag weighs in at approximately 100 pounds and comes with a standard chain for hanging purposes. The bag is available in a dark black color and comes constructed with an outer layer of synthetic leather, which is designed to enhance durability. Because this bag is relatively light for its size, and lacks a foam liner to absorb power, it will have the tendency to swing quite a bit as it lacks the stability of heavier punching bags. It can be anchored to the floor to prevent excessive swinging if needed.

The synthetic leather material is forgiving, and feels more comfortable to strike with unprotected shins or knees than a punching bag made from canvas. However, we still recommend wearing hand protection when punching this bag. The filling does seem to have the tendency to settle with repeated use, which could cause the bottom of the bag to become quite hard and the top to develop empty spaces. This can also lead to some warping around the center of the bag over time when kicked repeatedly with heavy power. This isn’t a major problem and one way of addressing these issues is to empty and re-fill the bag from time to time if needed.

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If you want to see even more heavy bags from popular brands like Title, Everlast, Ringside, Century and more, visit our heavy bag review guide. If you are interested, you can also learn more about Muay Thai here.

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