Full Heavy Bag Comparison Guide

The chart contains several pieces of important information:

  1. Heavy bag brand and product name
  2. Pictures
  3. Weight (pounds) – when bags are filled (some bags come pre-filled and others must be filled after purchase
  4. Dimensions (inches) – diameter and length
  5. Bag filler – foam, fabric, sand, fiber, custom, etc.
  6. Bag type – traditional (hanging), free standing and Muay Thai
  7. Price – There prices are estimates based on Amazon. They can vary and change due to things like supply, demand and promotions. For the the chart the following guide is used: $ = under $75, $$ = $75 to $125, $$$ = $125 to $175, $$$$ = $175+
  8. Rating – This is the average user ratings from Amazon.com. We specifically choose heavy bags that had ratings of at least 3.5 or higher.
Dimensions (D x H)
Bag Type
Century Bob Punching Bag
(including base)
60 x 78 (adjustable height)High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$$$4.3
Everlast Polycanvas Heavy Bag
7014 x 43Special BlendHanging$4.8
Century Wavemaster - XXL
(including base)
18 x 69High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$$$4.4
Century Wavemaster - Original
(including base)
13 x 47-68High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$4.2
Last Punch Heavy Bag
Depends on filler18 x 50UnfilledHanging$3.8
Century Wavemaster - Cardio
(including base)
10.5 x 53.5-65.5High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$$4
Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag
10014 x 50Fiber and Sifted SandHanging$$$4.5
Everlast Powercore Nevatear Heavy Bag
80 or 10014 x 43.25
14 x 48.5
(100 lbs)
Natural and synthetic FiberHanging$$4
Ringside Muay Thai Heavy Bag
10013 x 70Custom FillerMuay Thai - Hanging$$$5
Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Kit
7014 x 50Blended FillerHanging$4.4
Everlast Platinum Heavy Bag
6014 x 38Special BlendHanging$5
UFC MMA Training Bag
10016 x 52Synthetic FiberHanging$$3.5
Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag - Filled
7014 x 42Foam and Custom FillerHanging$$5
Title Classic Banana Heavy Bag
10014 x 72Foam and FiberMuay Thai - Hanging$$4.5
Outslayer Muay Thai Bag - Filled
15014 x 72Compressed FabricMuay Thai - Hanging$$$$5
Title Liquishock Foam/Water Heavy Bag
13 x 36
15.5 x 36
15.5 x 46
13.5 x 72
Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag
10012 x 72Custom FillerMuay Thai - Hanging$$$$4.8
Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag
8013 x 42Synthetic and Natural FiberHanging$4.1
Outslayer Muay Thai Bag - Unfilled
15014 x 72UnfilledMuay Thai - Hanging$$4.5
Power Systems PowerForce Free Standing Bag
(including base)
16.5 x 77FoamFree Standing$$$$5
Ring to Cage Muay Thai Heavy Bag
100-12014 x 72UnfilledMuay Thai - Hanging$$5
Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag - Soft Filled
13016 x 48Foam and Custom FillerHanging$$$5
Bilt2Last Muay Thai Heavy Bag
13014 x 72Special FabricMuay Thai - Hanging$$$4.8
Everlast Platinum Heavy Bag
8014 x 48Special BlendHanging$4.3
Everlast MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag
8015 x 38Blended FillerHanging$$4.2
Century MMA Diamond Tech Training Bag
14 x 44 (70lbs)
14 x 48 (100lbs)
Contender Fight Sports Leather Heavy Bag
14 x 42
14 x 42
16 x 48
Everlast Vintage 1910 Heavy Bag Kit
70Not definedBlended FillerHanging$$4.5
Century Wavemaster - Powerline
(including base)
17.5 x 47-68High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$$4.4
Everlast Heavy Bag Kit
10014 x 48Special BlendHanging$$4.2
Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag - Unfilled
Depends on filler14 x 42UnfilledHanging$5