Full Heavy Bag Comparison Guide

The chart contains several pieces of important information:

  1. Heavy bag brand and product name
  2. Pictures
  3. Weight (pounds) – when bags are filled (some bags come pre-filled and others must be filled after purchase
  4. Dimensions (inches) – diameter and length
  5. Bag filler – foam, fabric, sand, fiber, custom, etc.
  6. Bag type – traditional (hanging), free standing and Muay Thai
  7. Price РThere prices are estimates based on Amazon. They can vary and change due to things like supply, demand and promotions. For the the chart the following guide is used: $ = under $75, $$ = $75 to $125, $$$ = $125 to $175, $$$$ = $175+
  8. Rating РThis is the average user ratings from Amazon.com. We specifically choose heavy bags that had ratings of at least 3.5 or higher.

This will will help you to answer the question: What are the best heavy bags in 2017 ?

Dimensions (D x H)
Bag Type
Century Bob Punching Bag
(including base)
60 x 78 (adjustable height)High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$$$4.3
Everlast Polycanvas Heavy Bag
7014 x 43Special BlendHanging$4.8
Century Wavemaster - XXL
(including base)
18 x 69High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$$$4.4
Century Wavemaster - Original
(including base)
13 x 47-68High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$4.2
Last Punch Heavy Bag
Depends on filler18 x 50UnfilledHanging$3.8
Century Wavemaster - Cardio
(including base)
10.5 x 53.5-65.5High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$$4
Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag
10014 x 50Fiber and Sifted SandHanging$$$4.5
Everlast Powercore Nevatear Heavy Bag
80 or 10014 x 43.25
14 x 48.5
(100 lbs)
Natural and synthetic FiberHanging$$4
Ringside Muay Thai Heavy Bag
10013 x 70Custom FillerMuay Thai - Hanging$$$5
Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Kit
7014 x 50Blended FillerHanging$4.4
Everlast Platinum Heavy Bag
6014 x 38Special BlendHanging$5
UFC MMA Training Bag
10016 x 52Synthetic FiberHanging$$3.5
Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag - Filled
7014 x 42Foam and Custom FillerHanging$$5
Title Classic Banana Heavy Bag
10014 x 72Foam and FiberMuay Thai - Hanging$$4.5
Outslayer Muay Thai Bag - Filled
15014 x 72Compressed FabricMuay Thai - Hanging$$$$5
Title Liquishock Foam/Water Heavy Bag
13 x 36
15.5 x 36
15.5 x 46
13.5 x 72
Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag
10012 x 72Custom FillerMuay Thai - Hanging$$$$4.8
Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag
8013 x 42Synthetic and Natural FiberHanging$4.1
Outslayer Muay Thai Bag - Unfilled
15014 x 72UnfilledMuay Thai - Hanging$$4.5
Power Systems PowerForce Free Standing Bag
(including base)
16.5 x 77FoamFree Standing$$$$5
Ring to Cage Muay Thai Heavy Bag
100-12014 x 72UnfilledMuay Thai - Hanging$$5
Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag - Soft Filled
13016 x 48Foam and Custom FillerHanging$$$5
Bilt2Last Muay Thai Heavy Bag
13014 x 72Special FabricMuay Thai - Hanging$$$4.8
Everlast Platinum Heavy Bag
8014 x 48Special BlendHanging$4.3
Everlast MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag
8015 x 38Blended FillerHanging$$4.2
Century MMA Diamond Tech Training Bag
14 x 44 (70lbs)
14 x 48 (100lbs)
Contender Fight Sports Leather Heavy Bag
14 x 42
14 x 42
16 x 48
Everlast Vintage 1910 Heavy Bag Kit
70Not definedBlended FillerHanging$$4.5
Century Wavemaster - Powerline
(including base)
17.5 x 47-68High-density foam
(base is unfilled)
Free Standing$$$4.4
Everlast Heavy Bag Kit
10014 x 48Special BlendHanging$$4.2
Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag - Unfilled
Depends on filler14 x 42UnfilledHanging$5

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