Century Wavemaster Punching Bag Reviews

Century MMA was founded in 1982 and is one of the world’s largest martial arts accessory brands. Century has been making several very highly rated heavy bags for many years. We go in depth with four Century Wavemaster punching bag reviews, including the Original, PowerlineXXL and Cardio.

Wavemaster free standing punching bags have several advantages. First, they require significantly less space than a hanging heavy bag because they do not swing. Second, they are easier to set up as they do not require a hanging apparatus or any modification to the room. This also means that there are no concerns about the bag falling from the ceiling due to improper installation. Finally, Century heavy bags have rounded bases, so they can be more easily moved, which is good if you don’t have a set space for your training equipment.

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  • Weight: 250 pounds (including base)
  • User Rating: 4.2

The original Wavemaster punching bag comes equipped with high-density foam and a vinyl cover. One of the advantages that this free standing bag has is that the height is adjustable and ranges from 47 to 68 inches tall. This makes the bag good for people of various heights. The base can be filled with either sand or water, and when it’s full it weighs approximately 250 pounds.

The heavy bag comes in several vibrant colors, including red, blue and black. The vinyl cover is built to be heavy duty and durable, which means that you can expect it to be reliable and last a long time without getting and tears or holes. However, it can also be tough on the hands so we strongly recommend you wear proper hand protection before punching it. The bag comes with a foam filler that is designed to absorb the force from punches and kicks evenly, which helps to keep the bag stable and yet forgiving. One important thing to note though is that it’s not as padded as some other free standing heavy bags, and could potentially lead to foot or ankle injuries if kicked improperly or too hard.

This bag is smaller and thinner (diameter is just 13 inches) than many other free standing heavy bags, so if you are a bigger person or have powerful kicks you may want to go with another heavy bag like the Powerline or XXL, which are both reviewed below. The Original is ideal for shorter adults and children because it is more stable when adjusted to a shorter height. People over 6 feet tall will find it wobbly and unstable when adjusted to their height. Another downside is that the bag will be nosier to hit when it’s extended to it’s limit.

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  • Weight: 270 pounds (including base)
  • User Rating: 4.4

Century Wavemaster Powerline Heavy BagsThe Century Wavemaster Powerline is very similar to the Original. The bag is available in the same colors, has the same adjustable height (47-68 inches), similar vinyl cover, is well-built, and more. However, the one major difference is that the Powerline has much thicker padding than the Original, so it has a bigger diameter of 17.5 inches.

If you have powerful kicks then the Original’s padding might not be enough and you can hurt your feet. The Powerline is designed to solve this problem by providing enough padding to absorb heavy kicks. If you have strong kicks or are advanced at martial arts then you should strongly consider getting this bag over the Original. You can also check out the XXL, which is an even bigger option than either the Powerline or the Original.

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Wavemaster XXL

  • Weight: 270 pounds (including base)
  • User Rating: 4.4

Century Wavemaster XXL Heavy BagThe Century Wavemaster XXL punching bag is free standing and comes with a vinyl cover and high-density foam filler. The bag stands 69 inches tall and is 18 inches in diameter, which gives it a larger surface area than many other products on the market. Unlike the Original; however, the height is not adjustable. The base can be filled with either sand or water, and when full weighs around 270 pounds.

The XXL comes in Red, Blue, and Black, so you have the option to choose the color you like most. The vinyl cover is heavy duty and durable, meaning that this should be resistant to heavy striking and long lasting. However, just like the Original, gloves are recommended so that you don’t cut up your knuckles when punching the bag. The foam filler in the bag is designed to specifically disperse force evenly, which keeps the heavy bag stable. Because of the heavy base, as well as its size, this bag does not move very much, which makes it one of the more stable free standing heavy bags available.

This punching bag is good for martial artists who are working on basic technique with some resistance and is ideal for both home use and at a martial arts or fitness gym. However, experienced fighters training for boxing, or MMA might want a more dynamic, hanging punching bag. You can see the full XXL heavy bag review here.

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Wavemaster Cardio

  • Weight: 170 pounds (including base)
  • User Rating: 4

Century Wavemaster Cadio Heavy BagsLike other heavy bags in the Wavemaster line, the Cardio punching bag is a free standing bag that comes with high-density foam filler and a strong vinyl cover. It has four height adjustments that ranges between 53 to 65 inches, which makes the bag good for people of differing heights. The bag also comes in red, blue and black.

Unlike the other bags; however, the Cardio Wavemaster punching bag is much smaller with a diameter of 10.5 inches. It also weighs considerably less at roughly 170 pounds, including the base. The reason it’s smaller and lighter is because it was designed for cardio work and not for developing strength or power. The bag can be very effective for cardio training, but it is much less stable so you don’t want to be hitting it with powerful punches or kicks. If you want to work on strength or power then you should consider the Original, Powerline, XXL or another heavy bag from a different brand.

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If you want a free standing bag, but aren’t sold on one in the Wavemaster line then definitely check out our other reviews. We review some of the top free standing heavy bags from several different MMA brands like Everlast, Ringside, Title and more.

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