Century Versys Review

The Century Versys Fight Simulator is an exciting new line of heavy bags developed by Century MMA. The bags were released in late 2013, so they have only been around for a few months. Unlike other free standing bags, the Versys bags have very interesting and unique designs. The VS1 is similar to a regular free standing bag, except it provides a significantly larger striking surface and is also great for ground and pound training. The VS2 is a very unique bag that is designed to specifically practice grappling techniques. We really like the design and uses for both of these bags, but they are definitely different than other heavy bags so you should read the reviews below to make sure they will fit your training needs.

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Fight Simulator VS1

century versysThe Century Versys VS1 is the most traditional looking heavy bag in Versys line. It comes with a small base that the bag stands up on. Unlike regular free standing punching bags, the VS1’s base is very small. This provides ample room (it’s 66″ tall) for all kinds of striking from low leg kicks to high punches. The larger striking surface is what really sets the bag apart from others and is one of the reasons we really like the VS1’s unique design. The bag is designed for versatility, and it really does provide a lot more opportunity for all kinds of combat training. You can use the bag for stand up striking and also toss it on the floor to work on your ground and pound training. The bag is designed to move a little when it’s hit and this helps you to work on and develop your speed, timing and accuracy.

The Versys line of bags are generally meant for cardio and aerobic training and NOT to develop power. This is because the base is smaller and it may not keep the bag stable enough if you strike it with powerful kicks and even punches. If you want a good bag to develop your endurance then we think the VS1 is a great choice. However, if you are looking for a free standing punching bag to develop your power then we’d suggest you check out our Wavemaster XXL review.

The Versys VS1 has several other features that we really like. There are two handles on top that you can grab onto when you want to practice knee strikes. This is again a very unique feature that makes practicing striking with knees far easier than a lot of other bags. The bag is also relatively forgiving and has a large diameter with decent padding that can absorb hard punches and kicks. Another very cool feature is that the base of the VS1 comes pre-filled, so you never need to worry about filling or unfilling the bag. This is a huge bonus as Filling (and unfilling) a heavy bag can be both be a pain and can lead to a mess of sand or water if you aren’t careful. The VS1 weighs approximately 110 pounds, so while it’s heavy enough to withstand blows, it’s light enough to drag around a room. This means you can easily move the bag around your house (or gym) and store it when it’s not in use.

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Fight Simulator VS2

century versys vs2While the VS1 is designed for all kinds of combat training, the Century Versys VS2 is designed specifically to practice grappling. This becomes obvious by the unique and interesting shape of the bag. The bag has three legs that lead up to the base where two arm like appendages stick out. The special design of the bag allows you to practice a lot of grappling techniques, as well as work on some ground and pound training once you’ve taken it the bag down with a a quick and powerful throw.

If you want to practice your grappling techniques we think you will be very pleased with the design of the bag. It is just heavy enough (about 50 pounds) to withstand some force and also practice taking it down. The two arm like appendages allow you to practice many different kinds of moves. You can pretend like the bag is a real opponent and duck under the arms to score a quick and sudden take down. Besides throws, you can practice moves like hip tosses, leg sweeps, leg hook takedowns, and much more.

As you can probably tell, the VS2 is really meant for people who want to practice things like BJJ, Judo, wrestling and similar martial arts training. It definitely isn’t a traditional heavy bag and doesn’t serve much value at all if you want to practice your striking with kicks and punches. It is also expensive, so you should be sure that you really want a bag specifically to work on grappling and not much else. We think Century makes excellent products, so if you want a good training bag that will allow you to develop your grappling techniques then we encourage you to check it out.

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You can definitely get a lot of great uses out of the Versys line of heavy bags. We really like that Century is constantly innovating and providing new styles of equipment that lets people enhance their mixed martial arts training. The VS1 and VS2 are very good bags depending on your training needs and are definitely worth considering. However, they definitely are not meant for everyone. If you want a more traditional heavy bag then take a look at the other reviews we have done on many of the great punching bags from companies like Everlast, Century, UFC and more. Also, we suggest you take a look at our heavy bag reviews chart to see detailed info on many of the top punching bags available from all the big brands.

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