Century BOB and Century BOB XL Review

century bobThe Century Body Opponent Bag, or “Century BOB” is made by Century and is a freestanding heavy bag that comes in regular and XL versions. Unlike traditional circular heavy bags, these punching bags are are designed with a muscular human torso and head that comes complete a glowering, menacing face. These bags are very popular because they provide as close to a realistic training experience as a punching bag can provide. Read our in depth reviews on both the BOB regular and BOB XL to decide if this is the right bag for your training needs.

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Century BOB Punching Bag

  • Weight: 270 pounds
  • User Rating: 4.3

century bob punching bagThe BOB bag stands between 60 and 78 inches tall and has 7 adjustable heights. Like other free standing heavy bags, the bag weighs in at approximately 270 pounds with a full base, which can be filled with sand or water. The BOB punching bag itself is fairly stable and doesn’t move around the floor much when hit, although it may rotate on the spot. The polyethylene base is rounded, making BOB easy to roll and store when not in use. BOB’s surface is made out of high-strength plastisol and it is stuffed with high-density urethane foam. This makes the BOB a more accurate representation of the density of a person than other similarly styled free standing heavy bags.

BOB’s body is significantly tougher than the head, with the plastic base only reaching the upper torso area. The actual plastisol surface is also little rougher than some other normal heavy bags, so unprotected glancing blows may result in the striker leaving some skin behind. We highly recommend that you use wear gloves while hitting the BOB and to exercise caution when aiming at the various targets.

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The realistic targets make the BOB stand out from other free standing punching bags. Simply put, BOBs are a more accurate simulation of striking a real person than any other free standing heavy bag on the market. They offer more realistic target practice than any other product, allowing the user to practice striking the head, neck, ribs, and abdomen. We believe that they are not only ideal for martial artists or fighters who want to work on their accuracy, but are also a fun and entertaining alternative for aerobic fitness users who just want to get a good cardio work out.

One minor drawback of the BOB is that the body is attached to the base by 6 screws. The screws have the tendency to loosen over the course of a workout. These screws can be re-tightened, however, so we suggest you keep a screw driver handy and make sure to tighten the screws periodically in order to avoid losing them. The other major drawback to the Cenury BOB that we have found is its durability. The foam and plastisol, while effectively simulating a human body, tend not to be as durable as other free standing heavy bags. For example, an exceptionally powerful striker may eventually knock their BOB’s head clean off. Less serious damage might include the nose or other pieces of the face falling off after repeated blows. However, these issues seem to be infrequent and shouldn’t be a major concern.

BOB is a little more expensive than other comparable free standing heavy bags. However, we believe that it is worth the extra cash as there is a lot than can be done with this versatile product. If BOB could give a thumbs up, he would, but since he doesn’t have thumbs we will do it for him.

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Century BOB XL Punching Bag

  • Weight: 270 pounds
  • User Rating: 4.7

century bob xlThe XL is a larger version of the original BOB punching bag. The XL still has the same muscular build and angry face as the original BOB, however, the torso has been extended lower to include thighs. This makes it one of the the largest body punching bags on the market. The bag has two height adjustments that range from 5’6 to 6 feet tall. The bag weighs approximately 270 pounds when the base is full, however the larger size makes the bag a little more stable than the original BOB. The base is made of hard polyethylene plastic and it’s is rounded which makes the it easy to move and store when needed.

The XL body opponent bag is made out of high-strength plastisol and is stuffed with high-density urethane foam. This makes striking the bag feel very much similar to striking a person. However, the surface is not as smooth as other heavy bags making it a little rough to strike. As such, we recommend that you strongly consider using gloves when you hitting the bag.

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The XL improves on the BOB’s novel design by including thighs, which adds to the versatility of the product for MMA fighters or kickboxers who are interested in practicing low kicks on a realistic target. The bag is a more accurate simulation of striking a real person than any other free standing heavy bag that we have used. We believe that it is ideal for serious martial artists and fitness users alike, as the stability allows it to take accurate power shots and combinations from fighters, while cardio fitness users have an amusing target to hit while getting a good workout in.

Although Century has improved on the design, the XL still has the same drawbacks that we mentioned in the original BOB review above. The screws in the back that keep the bag secured to the base still have the tendency to loosen after use, so we recommend that you tighten them with a screwdriver from time to time. The bag also has the same durability issues that we discussed, but again, these don’t seem to be a major concern. In general, we found the original BOB to be well-suited for realistic training practice and highly recommend it. However, if you want a bag that also allows you to practice the accuracy of low kicks in combination with the rest of the body’s targets, then the XL punching bag is also a very good choice.

If a body opponent bag isn’t something that interests you, then definitely make sure to check out our free standing heavy bag reviews for advice on other great training MMA bags.

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  1. art says:

    Hi i was wondering if the head was the same size between the BOB and BOB XL?

    1. Guillaume Gemery says:

      Hello, my understanding is that the torso is longer but the head the same size. To be confirmed by the manufacturer. Best.

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