Boxing Gloves review 2017

  Boxing Gloves are a key part of the necessary equipment required for every boxers. At we are specialist in reviewing heavy bags and thought it makes sense to

aqua training bag

Aqua punching bags Review

The new trend in heavy bags and punching bags is now the apparition of water heavy bags or aqua punching bags. They have many advantages such as creating a more

MMA Punching Bag Reviews

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a popular combat sport that incorporates stand-up striking martial arts, as well as wrestling and ground-based grappling martial arts. A skilled MMA fighter trains

Century Heavy Bag Stand Reviews

Century is one of the largest martial arts accessory brands in the world. If you have a read any of the reviews on this site you know we are generally

TKO Punching Bag Reviews

TKO may not be the biggest name in martial arts, it is still a well known company that produces many great products. While Everlast, Century and Title are probably better

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Everlast is one of the largest and best known martial arts accessory brand in the world and we review 3 of their top punching bag stands. If you are looking

Heavy Bag Stand Reviews

A heavy bag stand is a must for people who want to hit a heavy bag but lack a suitable location for hanging them. We recommend purchasing a stand if

Century Versys Review

The Century Versys Fight Simulator is an exciting new line of heavy bagsĀ developed by Century MMA. The bags were released in late 2013, so they have only been around for

Choosing a Heavy Bag

Choosing a heavy bag can be an important choice in your martial arts training. Get a good heavy bag and you can really develop and hone your striking skills. But

Exciting Heavy Bag Drills

Heavy bags are very dynamic tools for martial arts training. They can be used in numerous exercises and drills and below are 8 exciting drills you can implement in your