Boxing Gloves review 2017


Boxing Gloves are a key part of the necessary equipment required for every boxers. At we are specialist in reviewing heavy bags and thought it makes sense to also answers your questions on boxing gloves and review the top seller boxing gloves you will be able to find online. Any questions do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form and we will be pleased to help you further.

Boxing gloves review 2017

What are the best boxing gloves?

People looking to purchase a pair of gloves often have a hard time selecting which one to buy because there are too many to choose from. With numerous styles of gloves and many brands to choose from, picking the right one is always never easy.

All boxing gloves generally look alike to the naked eye. Some may have prettier colours and others have more interesting design. But it’s not possible to tell from a distance what sets one apart from the others, much more tell which one is going to be the right one for you. That is, until you lace them up and start swinging. This method is expensive. If you don’t get the right one at first, you buy again. But this isn’t just costly on the pocket, it could be costly to your health.

Bad gloves don’t just get uncomfortable with time. They will affect your from and at worse cause injuries. You don’t want that to happen. Instead, you want gloves that suit your fighting activity, feel comfortable, provide wrist support and prevent your digits from being damaged. To narrow down the search, potential buyers must learn about the different types of gloves and what they have to offer. Doing so makes the buying process much easier.

Why are boxing gloves important?

Boxing gloves aren’t just fashion wear for boxers. They aren’t worn to make boxers look cool or not cool. They are there to protect the boxers themselves.

The physical damage in boxing is two way. Punching can be damaging to the defender’s face ( or body ) just as it is to the attacker’s hands. Without boxing gloves, we could see a lot more broken or fractured hands since the bones in the hand are very short and aren’t built to withstand ramming into an object at great force. Boxing gloves fit around the hand and form a fist to protect the hand. They also provide protection to the back of the hand and to the fingers, especially the thumb. The padding reduces the intensity of the impact and improves the safety of the boxer.

On the opposite corner, getting punched with boxing gloves is better than getting punched with a bare knuckle. Facial damage is unavoidable but gloves can minimise them and render those injuries less serious and superficial. Also, a boxing match with bare hands doesn’t just mean more cuts on the opponent’s face. It also leads to more possibility of getting eye pokes. Whether accidental or intentional, eye gouging is always dangerous. Boxing gloves can lessen these.

Why are Boxing Gloves Red?

In the visible spectrum of light, the colour red has the longest wavelength. As such it’s the least visible to the human eye compared to the other colours. So in a sport where punch stats matter and sometimes determine the winner of the contest, wearing the ‘least visible’ boxing gloves help fighters hit the opponents more. That’s the most logical explanation why the colour red is the traditional colour of boxing gloves. But while it’s the symbolic colour, it isn’t the only one allowed.

Amateur boxers are allowed to use only red and blue boxing gloves during official bouts. As to what colour depends on which corner the boxer starts the fight from. Amateur boxing gloves also have a white band across the area of the knuckle. This white area is considered as the gloves’ scoring area.

In professional boxing, it’s much more liberal. With the promoter generally having the responsibility of providing the boxers’ gloves ( unless stated in the fight contract ), we have since more boxing glove colours in recent memory. Mike Tyson almost always wore red gloves although he wore black ones in his last two bouts. He lost both. Roy Jones wore orange gloves against Joe Calzaghe. Manny Pacquiao wore yellow against Shane Mosley. Floyd Mayweather used to train with gold gloves and Miguel Cotto sparred with pink ones.

Why Do Boxing Gloves Come in Different Weights?

Boxing gloves come in different weights, from 8oz all the way up to 20oz. The weights dictate the sizes and the purpose of the gloves. Let’s break down each:

8oz & 10oz – Generally used for competitive boxing. These gloves are smaller and don’t have much padding. Full contact with these means more damage.

12oz – Associated with training. The 12 oz is an appropriate choice for someone looking to buy an all-around training glove and are commonly by women or men with smaller hands.

14oz – Most common in training and are for average sized people. These are lighter than the 16oz hence they don’t tire your hands as much when you hit the pads. These can also be used in sparring by lighter people as the padding is adequate for them.

16oz – The standard for gym sparring, regardless of fighter size. The padding on this gloves is designed for your sparring partner’s safety. Hitting the pads with these is generally tiresome, but still very much acceptable.

18oz to 20oz – Specifically reserved for the bigger men in heavier weight classes. These are very padded and heavy. Only pick this size when buying for a large person. Or when you’re a very bigger man sparring with a smaller opponent.

Where To Buy Boxing Gloves Online?

Choosing which pair of gloves to buy is already a dilemma. Finding where to buy them is another. The buyer’s location may be far from sports stores or manufacturer’s stores but fortunately, one can buy boxing gloves online.

Online buying not only saves time, energy and fuel, it also gives the buyer an opportunity to check on other options with just a couple of clicks on the computer. And yes, you can buy online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For some, free delivery is provided for a minimum amount. With these luxuries, it’s really easier to buy online.

Like most products you can think of, boxing gloves are available online. If you want to be sure, you can go directly to the websites of the glove manufacturers. Here are some examples:

There are more. But if you want to look at all the brands in one site, you can go to big online shops like which we openly recommend. The main advantage here is that there are many reviews given by previous buyers which can help you decide which pair of gloves to buy. In the reviews below we go into more details to help you choosing the right boxing gloves in 2017:

Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves

Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing gloves reviewThe Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves offer value for money without sacrificing protection. Designed for daily training needs, the Sanabul training gloves are made up of high quality and durable performance engineered leather which makes it easier to clean and maintain. The gloves have a gel infused foam to give you both comfort while training and protection from from hand injuries. The mesh palm improves breathability of the gloves and helps you cut down on sweating while keeping your hands cool and dry. With its Longitudinal Arch Design, the Sanabul training gloves fits the natural curve of the hand to ensure proper fist closure while striking. The Secure Velco Closure System on the gloves helps give a secure fit and makes it easier to put on or take off.



  • Performance engineered leather for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Longitudinal Arch Design for proper fist closure
  • Durasoft Gel Impact Protection Foam helps prevent hand injuries
  • Easy to put on and take off with its Secure Velco Closure System


  • Appearance may be a little too bulky for some people.
  • Can be too tight around the knuckles with handwraps on.
  • May not be able to hold up well during continuous heavy bag sessions.

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Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves reviewIf you’re an MMA fan, you’re familiar with the Brand Venum. That’s right, these aren’t primarily gloves for the sport of boxing. In fact, the Venum Challenger 2.0 boxing gloves were designed and made in Thailand and were first ( and mostly ) used by Muay Thai fighters. But with the Venum brand gaining popularity, these gloves have been used in boxing gyms for training ( and sparring for some ) because these gloves are well constructed. So if you’re just starting to learn striking, these gloves may be for you.

The Venum Challenger 2.0 boxing gloves is constructed with PU Leather or bicast leather It’s made of polyurethane, a synthetic leather, which makes the gloves durable and tough. These gloves also have a Triple Density Foam padding that enhances shock absorption and makes the gloves firm for optimum hand protection. The Velco Enclosure is large and elastic to give the hand a perfectly secure fit.

Sizing Venum boxing gloves



  • Value for money.
  • Fingers, including the thumb are very comfortable inside the glove. Easy to make a fist and open palm with it.
  • Stitching is Excellent


  • Great for normal sized hands but not for those with big hands.
  • Few vent holes in the palm but generally doesn’t have good ventilation.
  • Padding may be too dense for sparring sessions

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Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast Pro Style Training GlovesEverlast is a popular brand because of its link to boxing. Many of great boxers used their gloves and the brand’s name is often plastered all over boxing rings. Enter the Everlast Pro Style Training gloves, which are unbelievably cheap considering they are made by such a big brand.

The main reason why this pair of gloves is cheap is because of the material it is made of. The Everlast Pro Style Training gloves are constructed from vinyl, which as we all know is synthetic leather. This means that these gloves perform well during early use but there may be issues with durability later on. On the positive side, the glove is designed to conform to the natural form of the fist for comfortable training. It has a wrap around Velco Strap to ensure fit and a thumb-lock feature to prevent injuries. Full padding on front and back of wrist helps promote the correct punching technique.

Sizing Everlast boxing gloves


  • Incredibly cheap, you’ll likely not going to find another paid with the same price.
  • Has a Thumb Lock feature that positions fist correctly to avoid hand injuries.
  • Ever Fresh feature prevents odour after a long training session.


  • Emits ‘fuel odour’ even after several weeks’ use.
  • Material is not the best, can wear quickly with frequent use.
  • Poorly padded, not recommended for heavy hitting.

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Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast training boxing gloves women reviewThis is the female version of the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves. Like its male counterpart, this pair of gloves is also remarkably cheap, considering it’s made by Everlast. As the description says, it’s made of premium synthetic leather. For all we know, it’s still vinyl. The gloves are constructed with a natural shape that conforms to the form of the hand. As usual, the Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves has Everlast’s patented Thumb Lock feature which keeps the thumb and the fist in correct position to prevent unwanted hand injuries while throwing punches. There’s a grip cord inside for extra gripping power. It also has Evercool mesh ventilation panels to promote breathability and Everfresh micro bacterial treatment to keep the gloves smelling fresh and without odour even after use. Ideally, it can be used for sparring, heavy bag workouts and mitt work. Given the material used though, that’s debatable.


  • Comes in very cheap, good pair of gloves for a beginner
  • Mesh on the palm eliminates odour and enhances breathability
  • Interior grip is comfortable and promotes extra gripping power


  • Size may be smaller than what you expect.
  • Strong rubbery/ chemical smell.
  • Has the California Proposition 65 warning for hazardous material content.

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Aqua punching bags Review

The new trend in heavy bags and punching bags is now the apparition of water heavy bags or aqua punching bags. They have many advantages such as creating a more realistic feel as well as allowing to hit harder with a reduced risk of injury. More and more brands now offer customers a few aqua punching bags in their range. We thought it is worth looking at this in a little more details to help you in your questions: What is an aqua punching bag? what are the benefits of an water heavy bag? What is the best water punching bag?

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Benefits of the water punching bags

  • It Feels more real:

Water being more flexible allow for a better landing of your punches. This will allow you to punch harder and have a better feedback from the punching bag. The water bounces better than most hard of soft fill materials. Also the human body is itself made of 65% of water an aqua punching bag will replicate this better than sand for example. This is perfect for all MMA, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai boxing who will appreciate the more realistic training conditions.

  • Less swing:

Water filled heavy bags do swing a lot less than other filled heavy and punching bags. Thanks to the physics attributes of water the bag will hardly swim even after powerful punches and kicks. Perfect for strong athletes!

  • Safer:

With a hard heavy bag when your punch is too powerful or at an off angle it can result in an injury on your arms, hands, and knuckles and then put you off training for several precious weeks. Often under estimated injuries are one of the main reason for many fighters to not reach their maximum potential. Choose a water punching bag and optimise your training time.

  • Cheaper, Takes Less Space

Thanks to the fact the aqua punching bags are filled with water they cost a lot less to send. They will be shipped empty and fit in a medium size box so shipping fees will be limited. Also because it is filled with water and not sand or else you don’t have to store the water somewhere, you can just dispose of it if you don’t need your heavy bag for a long period of time ( winter, holidays…)

We thought we would help you find the best aqua punching bags by selecting for you our top 5:

Aqua Training Bag review:


aqua training bag









  • 18 Inch for 120 Pound or 21 Inch for 190 Pound for this water heavy bag
  • For serious & beginneres Fighters as well – To improve your Punching ability, Agility, Flexibility and precision while being also not as tough on the joints
  • The material are flexible making it feel much more realistic than a conventional heavy bag
  • Multifunction – It can be used inside or outside as well as in your private gym or in a professional Gym thanks to great durability.
  • Resistant and a consistent feel – a good bonus is the 2-Year Warranty

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One of the main advantage of the aqua training bag is the huge difference in weight and volume when filled or unfilled. The 18 inch will weight 120 pounds filled but only 12 pounds when not whereas the 21 inch heavy bag will weight around 190 pound when filled but only 15 when in the parcel ready to be shipped. A great advantage if you want to move around with your punching bag.

The Aqua Training Bag has a unique design using a shell and water filling that will give you a feeling close to hitting a real opponent ( in a ring of course ). The strength you put in your punches does not have to be controlled as much as with a conventional bag thanks to the great absorption of the internal water housing.

It is also interesting to note the obvious, the aqua training bag does not have the same shape as a standard heavy bag or punching bag. It has this unique tear drop or pear shape that allow for a great number of strikes combinations such as hooks, jabs and uppercuts. The shape will also help in getting this realistic feeling and combined with the water filling and flexible material it will really give you a different level of training. We strongly recommend to try it is really fun! It does indeed feel like hitting a human body and without any pain for anybody 🙂

The aqua heavy bag is quite simple as it is only a durable and flexible commercial grade vinyl shell and water, it does also include the water filling and a solid

The Aqua Training Bag is weather proof so can be used outside or inside. Perfect or these hot summer months when you can train on your terrace / garden / patio and really we all know it is more fun to train outside and get a tan at the same time or simply just enjoy the fresh air while working out on your punching techniques! The bag is also UV resistant so good for you in sunny California 😉

Long Lasting – The Aqua Training Bag is designed to last and is guaranteed for 2 years. It will feel the same years from now as the first day you hit it, no settling or hard spots even after years of use.

What is in the Aqua training bag box?

  • Obviously the heavy bag itself.
  • Strong Shackle
  • Hose filling nozzle
  • Extra stopper

When opening the box you can be ready to punch in a few minutes. Just make sure to first attach the heavy bag to a strong support that can hold the maximum filled weight and then start filling with water thanks to the hose filling nozzle.

MMA Punching Bag Reviews

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a popular combat sport that incorporates stand-up striking martial arts, as well as wrestling and ground-based grappling martial arts. A skilled MMA fighter trains heavily in all of these facets. Heavy bag training is incorporated in both striking training, like traditional boxing or Muay Thai workouts, and also ground striking, or “ground-and-pound” workouts. Below we review some of the most popular MMA punching bags. 

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Everlast Omnistrike MMA Bag

The Everlast Omnistrike MMA heavy bag is constructed of heavy duty synthetic leather. It is stuffed with a blended mix of synthetic and natural fibers. The bag can be hung by chains or nylon straps. The Omnistrike is very unique in that it is a heavy bag designed
mma punching bag
specifically with MMA fighters in mind.
A common issue for MMA fighters doing heavy bag training is that the filling tends to settle to the bottom of the bag, which makes the bag too hard to kick or knee effectively without risking injury. The Omnistrike MMA punching bag addresses this issue by wrapping the bottom third of the bag in C3 foam, which is more than ideal for kicking and kneeing. There are also two handles on either side of the bag which can be grabbed on to for kneeing purposes, simulating a Thai clinch.

This bag is a good weight for wrestling drills that involve picking up the bag and carrying it any distance. If you put the bag on the floor, C3 foam acts as a good target for ground-and-pound. This bag is an exceptional piece of equipment for MMA fighters because its multiple, dynamic uses and well thought out design. It addresses every dimension of an aspiring MMA fighter’s game. We heavily recommend it for serious fighters and fitness users alike. There are not many other MMA heavy bags that can compare.

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Everlast Poly Canvas MMA Heavy Bag

mma punching bagsThe Everlast Poly Canvas MMA martial arts bag is a slightly lighter than most heavy bags that you might find in a standard MMA  gym. It comes pre-filled with a specially blended mix of synthetic and natural fibers. This means that it has exceptional shock absorbency. This shock absorbency, combined with its highly durable synthetic poly canvas, means that it will maintain its shape and should last a very long time. There is a significant amount of give when you hit this bag, which can help prevent injury. It’s a good choice for MMA fighters who are working on their kicks and knees as it is more forgiving than a heavier bag that has less give. However, it is important to always wear gloves while punching a heavy bag.

This bag comes with adjustable heavy bag chains for hanging. This MMA bag is an excellent size for children who are getting into martial, as well as lighter weight fighters, as it provides little resistance. We would also recommend it to recreational users who are not concerned with their power and are just looking to improve their fitness. We would not necessarily recommend it to heavier fighters (160 lbs and up), who would likely require a heavier bag in order to properly develop their striking power. It is, however, a good size for MMA wrestling drills involving lifting and carrying a heavy bag over any distance.

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Century MMA Heavy Bag (with Chains)

mma heavy bagThis Century heavy bag is constructed of heavy vinyl. It comes pre-filled with shredded cotton and polyester fibers, and weighted with sand. It is not packed too tight, but the filler has the tendency to settle, although not that much. It weighs in at 100 pounds, which is a pretty standard weight bag that you might see in any MMA gym. It is 52 inches tall and has a large diameter of 16 inches. These dimensions are moderately larger than a standard boxing heavy bag, giving it a bigger striking surface, which is good for kicking purposes.

It comes with adjustable chains ideal for hanging, connected to the bag by reinforced sewn web straps. The combination of the vinyl shell and the fiber filler makes this back more forgiving than most heavy bags of equal weight. In addition to punches, the smooth striking surface makes it an excellent choice for developing power in kicks, knees, and elbows. Of course, it is important to always wear gloves while punching a heavy bag in order to protect your hands..This bag should only be used by adults, as it is probably a little too heavy for use by children. It is a fairly basic heavy bag without any extra features or flash, which is fine with us. The bag is very functional and serves its purpose well. This bag is essentially the same bag as UFC MMA training bag (which is also distributed by Century), however it can usually be found at a significantly lower price. We recommend it to fitness users and MMA fighters alike.

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Definitely read the other reviews on this site for more information about the best MMA punching bags. We cover bags from top companies like Everlast, Century, Title, Ringside and more. You can also visit our interactive chart where we list the specs of over 30 of the top training bags.

Century Heavy Bag Stand Reviews

Century is one of the largest martial arts accessory brands in the world. If you have a read any of the reviews on this site you know we are generally big fans of Century’s products. This is because they are both well design and well made to generally last a long time. We cover several Century heavy bag stands in the reviews below. If you need a stand then definitely make sure to find out whether one of these stands will work with your punching bag and your training regimen.

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Century Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Platform

century punching bag standThe Century Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Platform is a made of steel and both a heavy bag and a speed bag can be hung from it. The speed bag platform adjusts between 67 and 79 inches and uses a ball bearing swivel to allow for fast action. The heavy bag hanging component does not adjust for height, but this isn’t really a concern as long as you have a decent length heavy bag. The stand has 3 pegs on the bottom that weights go on in order to keep it stable. The weights are necessary to prevent the stand from moving around the floor, or tipping over during use. You can also bolt the stand to the floor if you want to make sure it is fully secure.

Once the stand is stabilized, hitting a heavy bag hanging from it is good for developing power and endurance, however is not ideal for training fight strategy as the user is unable to take angles or sufficiently circle around the bag and target different angles. Using the speed bag platform is sufficient, since many speed bag workouts tend to require a target that does not swing too far. This Century heavy bag stand is a solid, durable, long-lasting piece of equipment and we strongly recommend it to those who want a quality heavy bag stand with the added benefit of a speed bag platform.

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 Century Punching Bag Stand

century heavy bag standThe Century Punching Bag Stand is made out of heavy duty steel tubing. It is easy to assemble and can hold heavy bags weighing up to 120 lbs. There are 3 pegs on which to put weight plates. You need to add weight plates to increase the stability and prevent it from sliding about the training area.

This is one of Century’s most basic heavy bag stands; a simple design lacking any additional features such as a speed bag platform. It is somewhat taller than most other heavy bag stands, allowing for better use by taller customers. The stand is a well-built and should be a long lasting product. It is ideal for heavy bag routines that focus on developing power and training endurance, but it limits circular footwork so it is not ideal for strategic purposes (this is true for all stands). Since the stand is basic, it tends to be much cheaper than most other heavy bag stands. We heavily recommend this Century heavy bag stand for consumers looking for a basic, inexpensive, well-constructed stand.

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Amber Sports The Champ Heavy Bag Stand

While this stand isn’t made by Century, it is another good choice to consider. The Champ Heavy Bag Stand is made by Amber Sports. The stand is a constructed of heavy gauge steel. It is relatively easy to assemble and is designed to support most heavy bags up to 100 pounds.  Like most other heavy bag stands, it has 3 pegs for placing weighted plates to make the stand stable and not move too much while in use. Like almost every other stand, weights for stabilization are not included, so you will need to purchase them separately.

The Champ is a very simple design. It does not have any additional features, nor does it need them. It is a solid, well-built product with one purpose: to hold a heavy bag. This stand is ideal for heavy bag routines that involve working on power and fitness, but not so much for fighters looking to train circular strategy as the stand itself limits the usable space around the bag (this is true for every stand which limits 360 degree access). Since it is not a name-brand product like Everlast or Century, it tends to be less expensive than some of the competitors. We recommend this stand for consumers looking for a basic, inexpensive, well-constructed heavy bag stand and are concerned with functionality and not name recognition.

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If you need a heavy bag stand, but want to consider more options then definitely check out our other heavy bag stand reviews. We cover stands from Everlast, Title and more, so you should be able to find a stand that meets your training needs at a price point you can appreciate. Let us know if you have any questions about any of the stands reviewed here.

TKO Punching Bag Reviews

TKO may not be the biggest name in martial arts, it is still a well known company that produces many great products. While Everlast, Century and Title are probably better known for heavy bags, TKO makes several quality punching bags that deserve consideration. In the reviews below we cover a TKO Muay Thai bag, a TKO punching bag and a TKO heavy bag wall mount. Definitely read the reviews to find out if one of these products are right for your training needs.

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TKO Muay Thai Heavy Bag

TKO punching bagThe TKO Muay Thai Heavy Bag is an average sized Muay Thai bag that you might find in a Muay Thai or MMA gym. It is 72 inches tall and weighs 125 pounds, which is comparable to most other Muay Thai bags. The bag is constructed with slick PVC coated vinyl and the seams are made with reinforced nylon, which should keep the bag intact even after heavy beatings.

The bag comes hydraulically stuffed with a blended fiber filler for even weight distribution. This is nice as it should give you a consistent resistance experience when striking any part of the bag. Some people think it’s a little softer than comparable Muay Thai bags. Also, the PVC coated vinyl surface makes it comfortable for using unprotected weapons like kicks, elbows or knees. However, like with any bag, we still strongly recommend you use hand protection (i.e. gloves) if you are going to be punching the bag. It’s easy to cut up your knuckles if you don’t wear gloves when striking.

The TKO heavy bag can be secured to the ground by the loop at the bottom if a swinging bag is not preferred or practical in the training space because of its height. Because of its softness and smooth surface, we would recommend this bag to a wide variety of people. Aerobic fitness users would get a lot out of training with this bag, as would lighter beginner Muay Thai and MMA fighters. For serious fighters looking to improve their shin conditioning and kicking power, we might recommend a Muay Thai bag that is a little harder and offers a little more resistance. All in all, a fairly decent product.

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TKO All Purpose Canvas Heavy Bag

TKO heavy bagThe TKO All Purpose Canvas Heavy Bag is significantly lighter than most punching bags that you might find in a boxing or MMA gym (unless they are training children). The bag is constructed from polycanvas and it has seams that are made reinforced nylon to keep it from bursting. The bag’s light weight means that it can be hung easier, which is especially useful for a home environment.

This bag comes pre-stuffed with a blended fiber filler. It has fairly high shock absorbency, which combined with its weight makes it a very forgiving heavy bag. That makes it excellent for avoiding injury. Polycanvas is not as smooth as other materials, so it’s possible that you may scrape yourself if you don’t wear proper training protection. Therefore we always suggest you use gloves when hitting a training bag, as you risk losing a great deal of skin off your knuckle (or knees or elbows) should you try to strike the bag with powerful bare-knuckle punches.

Due to the weight of the bag, this TKO heavy bag will definitely swing freely with even medium strength kicks or punches. Therefore we’d suggest securing it to the ground, which can be done by a loop on the bottom of the bag. Since the bag is lighter than most other MMA punching bags, it is really meant for amateur training or for lighter fighters. The general rule of thumb is to use a punching bag that is about 1/2 your body weight. So keep this in mind if you are interested in this bag. Larger adults or fighters will not get the resistance that they need from it. The bag may also be suitable for children who are just getting started in martial arts training. Overall, we think this is a very good 50 pound TKO punching bag that you should consider.

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TKO Heavy Bag Wall Mount

tko punching bag wall mountThis wall mount is definitely worth considering if you want to buy (or already have) a TKO punching bag (or actually any brand). What’s nice about using a wall mount is that it can be easier to set up than a heavy bag stand. The wall mount is also good to use if you don’t want to (or can’t) hang a bag directly from the ceiling, or a stand is too big for the room you in which you want to use the bag.

The wall mount is very sturdy and can hold bags up to 100 pounds. One of the very cool features of the mount is the pull pin swivel system, which lets you move the bag to the side when not in use. This is very convenient for home use, especially in shared space (ex. a garage). The handle on the mount extends 27 inches from the wall, so there is sufficient room for striking.

Of course, just like a heavy bag stand, a wall mount restricts 360 degree access to the bag. So you can’t practice circling and other techniques. However, other than that, the wall mount may be a good choice to hang your training bag. Training with a wall mount is a good way to practice your striking techniques with kicks and punches. Just take care to to pay attention to where the wall is as you don’t want to miss the bag and hit the wall instead. If you don’t want to hang your punching bag from the ceiling, but aren’t sure about a wall mount, you can also check out our heavy bag stand reviews to see if a stand would be a better option to use for your MMA training.

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Everlast Punching Bag Stand Reviews

Everlast is one of the largest and best known martial arts accessory brand in the world and we review 3 of their top punching bag stands. If you are looking for a Everlast punching bag stand you should definitely read the reviews. Each stand has it’s advantages and disadvantages, which we discuss in detail below.

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2 Station Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

everlast heavy bag standThe 2 Station Everlast Heavy Bag Stand is a rugged steel constructed stand designed to hang both a heavy bag and a speed bag. It weighs approximately 72.2 pounds without any bags or added weight. It is relatively easy to assemble. There are 3 pegs on the base that need added weight plates in order to prevent it from sliding around the training or tipping over while in use. You can also bold the stand to the floor. The stand is designed to hold punching bags up to 100 pounds.

Using this Everlast punching bag stand to hit a hanging bag is ideal for working in increasing your punching power and testing your conditioning and endurance. Of course, like all punching bag stands, it’s not great to use if you want to practice changing angles or circling an opponent. This is because you don’t have complete 360 degree access to the entire bag due to the stand restricting movement. Overall we think this stand is pretty good and comes in at a decent price point.

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Everlast MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag Stand

everlast mma omnistrike standThe Everlast MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag Stand is made from steel and can hold a heavy bag weighing up to about 100 pounds. The stand itself weighs approximately 54 pounds without any bags or added weights. Like other punching bag stands, it also has 3 base pegs intended to put weight plates on in order to ensure stability. It features a pull up bar on the opposite side from the heavy bag, adding an extra dimension to training routines.

What separates the Omnistrike Heavy Bag Stand is that the hanging mechanism allows for the heavy bag to be easily detached and reattached. MMA athletes will especially appreciate this feature, as it allows the striker to quickly bring the heavy bag to the floor and work MMA style ground-and-pound drills and then easily reattach to the stand and continue using it as a traditional heavy bag.

The weight pins are arranged in such a way as to allow the striker to kick without concern for a stray toe hitting the steel or a weight plate. This leads to a small issue, however, in that the pegs are closer to the supporting beams than on other punching bag stands. This means that the weight plates cannot be too large or else they will rub on the support beams or not fit. Thus, you will need more smaller weight plates when using this stand. The Everlast MMA Omnistrike stand is a solid, well designed, and dynamic product designed with the aspiring MMA fighter in mind and we highly recommend it to this crowd.

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Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

heavy bag standThe Everlast Heavy Bag Stand is made out of heavy duty, powder coated steel tubing. It is easy to assemble and can hold a heavy bag up to 100 lbs. The stand itself comes in at about 55 pounds. Like other stands, there are 3 pegs on which to put weight plates to add stability. You will need to purchase the weights separately, so keep this in mind.

This Everlast punching bag stand is one of the more basic stands, and it doesn’t have any additional features such as a speed bag platform or chin-up bar. As such, it tends to be way less expensive than any of the other models, like the Omnistrike or the 2 Station Stand that we reviewed above. This set up is fine for many users, so if you are just looking for a stand with basic features then this is a good choice.

The stand is a well constructed and durable an is built to last a long time. Using a bag on this stand is ideal for developing power and training endurance, however like most heavy bag stands it limits the ability to work angles and footwork, as the striker does not have access to the full 360 degrees of the bag. There’s not much more to be said about this product other than it’s a good basic choice at a decent price. If you are looking for a basic, cost effective, durable heavy bag stand then we definitely think you should check it out.

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If you want a stand, but aren’t convinced about any of the stands above then you can  check out the heavy bag stand reviews we did from Century and Title. The reviews go into detail about the benefits and negatives of other stands. You can also take a look at our homepage for a list of highly rated heavy bags. You can click to see review of more popular bags here.

Heavy Bag Stand Reviews

A heavy bag stand is a must for people who want to hit a heavy bag but lack a suitable location for hanging them. We recommend purchasing a stand if you are unable to install an ceiling mounted hanging device because of high ceilings or structural limitations. We cover some of the popular popular punching bag stands from the major martial arts accessory companies like Century, Everlast and Title. If you don’t have space for a hanging bag or don’t want a free standing heavy bag, then definitely check out the reviews below for more information on good stands.

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Century Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Platform

heavy bag standThe Century Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Platform is a steel constructed stand that can hold both a heavy bag and a speed bag. The stand weighs about 79 pounds without any bags hanging from it. While the heavy bag hanging component is not height adjustable, the speed bag hanging component adjusts between 67 and 79 inches and operates on a ball bearing swivel allowing for quick action.

The stand has 3 pegs at the ground level that you can put weight plates in order to stabilize the stand. Unless you plan on bolting the stand to the floor, these plates are an absolute necessity, as the entire platform would move around the floor or even tip over if you were to use a heavy bag without them. This can be a drawback for some customers, simply because weight plates are an expensive investment for those who do not already own them. Once stabilized, hitting a heavy bag hanging from the Century Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Platform is good for developing power and cardio fitness, however the bag lacks the dynamism of a regular hanging heavy bag as you do not have the ability to circle the bag or work angles into your routine.

Hitting a speed bag hanging from the platform is good for training, since a speed bag should be a more stationary target anyway. The Century Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Platform is a solid, well-constructed piece of equipment that should last a long time.  We really like Century products and recommend it to those who want a quality stand and don’t mind the investment.

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Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

everlast heavy bag standThe Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand is a steel constructed stand designed to hold both a heavy bag and a speed bag. The stand weighs 72.2 pounds without any bags or added weight. It is constructed of steel and is easy to assemble. It has 3 pegs on the base that require added weight plates in order to prevent the stand from moving around the floor or tipping over while in use.

This bag can support heavy bags up to 100 pounds. It can also be bolted to the floor. Hitting a heavy bag hanging from the stand is ideal for developing power in your punches and working on your endurance. However, it is not ideal for strategic training purposes as it does not allow for angle changes and circling.

A common complaint about this product is that the speed bag component, which is made of particle wood, is not particularly durable and starts to chip and degrade with heavy use. Another common complaint is that the swivel is not well constructed, which prevents the speed bag from swinging properly, so many customers replace it with a swivel from a different company. Overall we think this product is decent and if you are set on an Everlast product it is a fine choice.

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Title Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Stand

title punching bag standThe Title Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Stand is constructed from heavy duty 1.5mm square tube steel, has a steel I-bolt for hanging a heavy bag and a platform for a speed bag. It is 80 lbs without a bag. The stand can hold a heavy bag weighing up to 100 lbs and is height adjustable and fits well in rooms with 8 ft ceilings or higher.

Unlike other combined Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stands, the Title stand has 4 pegs on the base on which you need to place plate weights in order to add to the stability of the bag, which ensures that the stand does not move around the training area when in use. Once mounted, the Title Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Stand is most effective for developing power and aerobic fitness, however is not an ideal training scenario for people who wish to train their foot work, take angles, or even kick, as a stray toe might connect with the hard steel base and lead to injury.

We think the speed bag platform and swivel are well constructed and durable, meaning that this should be a long lasting product. The Title Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Stand tends to be cheaper than comparable products from Everlast or Century, making it a sound investment for anybody interested in heavy bag and speed bag workouts without modification to the training area. As a result, we give this product a solid recommendation and think this stand is a good choice.

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If you want to find a good bag for your stand, then definitely check out out reviews and homepage where we list many of the top heavy bags available. We also list and discuss several very food free standing bags that are great alternatives to the traditional hanging heavy bag. You can also take a look at our other punching bag stand reviews for more info.

Century Versys Review

The Century Versys Fight Simulator is an exciting new line of heavy bags developed by Century MMA. The bags were released in late 2013, so they have only been around for a few months. Unlike other free standing bags, the Versys bags have very interesting and unique designs. The VS1 is similar to a regular free standing bag, except it provides a significantly larger striking surface and is also great for ground and pound training. The VS2 is a very unique bag that is designed to specifically practice grappling techniques. We really like the design and uses for both of these bags, but they are definitely different than other heavy bags so you should read the reviews below to make sure they will fit your training needs.

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Fight Simulator VS1

century versysThe Century Versys VS1 is the most traditional looking heavy bag in Versys line. It comes with a small base that the bag stands up on. Unlike regular free standing punching bags, the VS1’s base is very small. This provides ample room (it’s 66″ tall) for all kinds of striking from low leg kicks to high punches. The larger striking surface is what really sets the bag apart from others and is one of the reasons we really like the VS1’s unique design. The bag is designed for versatility, and it really does provide a lot more opportunity for all kinds of combat training. You can use the bag for stand up striking and also toss it on the floor to work on your ground and pound training. The bag is designed to move a little when it’s hit and this helps you to work on and develop your speed, timing and accuracy.

The Versys line of bags are generally meant for cardio and aerobic training and NOT to develop power. This is because the base is smaller and it may not keep the bag stable enough if you strike it with powerful kicks and even punches. If you want a good bag to develop your endurance then we think the VS1 is a great choice. However, if you are looking for a free standing punching bag to develop your power then we’d suggest you check out our Wavemaster XXL review.

The Versys VS1 has several other features that we really like. There are two handles on top that you can grab onto when you want to practice knee strikes. This is again a very unique feature that makes practicing striking with knees far easier than a lot of other bags. The bag is also relatively forgiving and has a large diameter with decent padding that can absorb hard punches and kicks. Another very cool feature is that the base of the VS1 comes pre-filled, so you never need to worry about filling or unfilling the bag. This is a huge bonus as Filling (and unfilling) a heavy bag can be both be a pain and can lead to a mess of sand or water if you aren’t careful. The VS1 weighs approximately 110 pounds, so while it’s heavy enough to withstand blows, it’s light enough to drag around a room. This means you can easily move the bag around your house (or gym) and store it when it’s not in use.

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Fight Simulator VS2

century versys vs2While the VS1 is designed for all kinds of combat training, the Century Versys VS2 is designed specifically to practice grappling. This becomes obvious by the unique and interesting shape of the bag. The bag has three legs that lead up to the base where two arm like appendages stick out. The special design of the bag allows you to practice a lot of grappling techniques, as well as work on some ground and pound training once you’ve taken it the bag down with a a quick and powerful throw.

If you want to practice your grappling techniques we think you will be very pleased with the design of the bag. It is just heavy enough (about 50 pounds) to withstand some force and also practice taking it down. The two arm like appendages allow you to practice many different kinds of moves. You can pretend like the bag is a real opponent and duck under the arms to score a quick and sudden take down. Besides throws, you can practice moves like hip tosses, leg sweeps, leg hook takedowns, and much more.

As you can probably tell, the VS2 is really meant for people who want to practice things like BJJ, Judo, wrestling and similar martial arts training. It definitely isn’t a traditional heavy bag and doesn’t serve much value at all if you want to practice your striking with kicks and punches. It is also expensive, so you should be sure that you really want a bag specifically to work on grappling and not much else. We think Century makes excellent products, so if you want a good training bag that will allow you to develop your grappling techniques then we encourage you to check it out.

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You can definitely get a lot of great uses out of the Versys line of heavy bags. We really like that Century is constantly innovating and providing new styles of equipment that lets people enhance their mixed martial arts training. The VS1 and VS2 are very good bags depending on your training needs and are definitely worth considering. However, they definitely are not meant for everyone. If you want a more traditional heavy bag then take a look at the other reviews we have done on many of the great punching bags from companies like Everlast, Century, UFC and more. Also, we suggest you take a look at our heavy bag reviews chart to see detailed info on many of the top punching bags available from all the big brands.

Choosing a Heavy Bag

Choosing a heavy bag can be an important choice in your martial arts training. Get a good heavy bag and you can really develop and hone your striking skills. But choosing a bad heavy bag can be detrimental to your training.

We’ve reviewed some of the top punching bags available and encourage you to check them out for more information. You can also take a look at our complete heavy bag comparison chart. In this article we’ll cover some of the basic information about how to choose a heavy bag so that you can find one to match your training needs.

Free Standing Vs. Hanging

how to choose a heavy bagThe first choice you should make before looking at different heavy bag options is whether to get a free standing bag or a hanging heavy bag. Both have their positives and negatives, so which option to get really depends on your needs. Below we’ve listed the positives and negatives for each kind of bag.

Hanging bags positives

  1. Provide a better striking experience.
  2. Tend to move around when struck, so they can help you work on your timing, speed and accuracy.
  3. Often cheaper than free standing bags.

Hanging bags negatives

  1. Can be hard to set up and need a ceiling that can support the weight (or need to buy a separate heavy bag stand).
  2. Can’t be easily moved after the bag has been set up.

Free standing bag positives

  1. Easy to move: You can set it up in any room and then roll it out of the way when you’re done with it.
  2. Easier to set up than a traditional hanging bag.
  3. Can be placed on the floor for ground and pound training.

Free standing bag negatives

  1. Not as sturdy as hanging bags and hard strikes can make the bag move
  2. Usually more expensive than traditional hanging punching bags

Recommendations: The Everlast Polycanvas Bag is a great choice if you are looking for a good and affordable hanging bag. The Wavemaster XXL is definitely our top choice for free standing bags. Click here to see some Century Wavemaster heavy bag reviews.

Choosing a Punching Bag Weight

choosing a heavy bagChoosing the right weight is very important when selecting a heavy bag. Choose a bag too light and it could go flying with a powerful kick. But choose a heavy bag too heavy and throwing punches or kicks can hurt your hands and legs. One thing to note about weight is that this rules only applies to hanging bags as free standing bags are designed differently.

In general, the rule we suggest to follow is to choose a heavy bag that is approximately 1/2 your body weight. Of course MMA punching bags won’t be exactly half your weight, so you can either round up or down a little. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds then a 70-80 pound heavy bag is probably a good choice. If you weigh 180 pounds, then you probably want to consider a heavy bag that weighs around 80-100 pounds. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule:

  • If you are an experienced martial artist you may want to go with a heavier bag.
  • If you have powerful strikes then you will also want to lean toward heavier bags. Otherwise the bags may move too much when hit with strong kicks and even punches.

Recommendations: The Everlast Powercore Nevatear Bag comes in two weight sizes (80 and 100 pounds) and it is a great choice at either weight.

Choosing a Bag by Filler Material

Generally MMA training bags are made from fiber (synthetic and natural), foam, sand or water. Each material has it’s advantages and disadvantages and below we cover the basics of each kind of material.

Fiber: Fiber has become one of the most commonly used filler materials. It generally provides a nice even resistance throughout the bag, so no matter where you punch or kick it you should get the same striking experience.

Choosing a Heavy BagFoam: Many top martial arts training bags are made with high-density foam, especially free standing bags. Foam generally provides a consistent striking experience and it doesn’t settle, so you don’t need to worry about  bottom of the bag becoming stiff. The Wavemaster XXL punching bag is a very highly rated foam heavy bag to check out.

Sand: Sand is another commonly used material and it also provides a nice striking experience. Sand can occasionally settle on the bottom, which can make the bottom of the bag a little harder to hit than the top. Pockets can also occasionally form in sand bags. This isn’t usually a big deal if you buy a high-quality bag, but it is something to consider.

Water: We really like water filled heavy bags as they provide a consistent experience and feels more natural to strike than any other bag. However, this is just a personal preference and not everyone has the same opinion.

If you are looking for a good bag that uses several of the materials, then definitely check out the Everlast C3 Form Heavy Bag which uses, fiber, foam and sand in it’s design.

Wrap Up

Hopefully this article has given you the basics on choosing a heavy bag. For more information, make sure to check out the reviews on this site before buying a bag. You can also take a look at our interactive punching bag chart to learn more about the different heavy bags that are available. If you have any questions about how to choose a good punching bag don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer questions about MMA and martial arts equipment. After you get your heavy bag you can also check out our heavy bag drills for some good practice tips.

Exciting Heavy Bag Drills

Heavy bags are very dynamic tools for martial arts training. They can be used in numerous exercises and drills and below are 8 exciting drills you can implement in your training regimen. The heavy bag drills fall into 3 distinct categories, including technical drills, power and speed drills, and endurance drills. Read below to get specific and actionable training suggestions for each drill.

If you need a heavy bag for training, we have an excellent interactive chart and reviews of some very popular heavy bags. Learn more at our interactive heavy bag guide.

Technical Heavy Bag Drills

heavy bag drillsTechnical drills are designed to help fighters develop their fighting skills. These skills include basic technique, accuracy, timing, and footwork.

Basic Technique Drill

Have a training partner hold the bag steady for you and count off your set. Simply focus on a specific technique and repeat it over and over, in order to reinforce it in your mind. Stand directly in front of the bag and don’t worry about moving your feet. Stay grounded and deliver your shots directly to the bag in sets of 10 or 20, before moving on to the next technique. Ex. 10 jabs, 10 crosses, 10 lead hooks, 10 rear hooks, etc. The focus here is not power or speed, rather proper form. Do not rush; focus on the technique.

Accuracy Drill

Put some duct tape at various points around the heavy bag and try to aim for the tape. The better you get at this, the more challenging you can make it for yourself. You can start out with a partner holding the bag and use pre-determined techniques or combinations to start. Then you can move to a freestyle round in which you can throw what you want. This will help you develop your accuracy on a moving target.

Timing Drill

Work your timing on a punching bag by getting the bag to swing, either by pushing it or getting a partner to swing it for you, and then try to time it so you hit the bag as it swings back to you. The challenge is to hit the bag at the right moment, not over extending or smothering your technique. This works well for kicks, like push kicks or side kicks, as well as punches (although we would suggest a lighter bag for timing punches).

Footwork Drill

Using a lighter heavy bag that can swing freely, try to keep a consistent distance in front of the bag as it swings. You do not have to hit the bag at full power, rather keep your power at a level where you can keep your stance and still move around the bag without tripping yourself up. Increase the difficulty by trying to keep a specific point on the bag in front of you at all times.

Power and Speed Drills

heavy bag drillsDeveloping power is one of the primary uses for a heavy bag. Speed is more difficult to develop, but a punching bag can be useful for this as well. The benefit of training with a punching bag instead of a human being is that you can hit it as hard and fast as you can and it will never get hurt, complain or get upset.

Here are some examples of heavy bag drills that can help you develop your power and speed:

Power Drill

Most power drills involve slowing down the pace of your punching bag routine and focusing on delivering as much force as possible in each shot. Start in sets of 10 and stand at the optimal range for your shots without too much footwork movement. You will want to work on going from a steady state to exploding into the bag with your strikes.

This drill will work with multiple techniques. It can be done with straight punches, hooks, and even kicks and knees. Take a break in between sets so that you have time to recover your energy. This is not a drill that you want to do constantly until you burn out, as your body will get used to throwing softer and softer as you fatigue. The focus here is consistently hitting as hard as you can. An alternative to working in numbered sets is working in shortened free style rounds (60-90 seconds) with emphasis on maximum power.

Speed Drill

Speed is difficult to develop on a heavy bag. It is important to make sure that you do not sacrifice your technique in order to gain speed. A good drill is to pull your power back to about 60-80%, stand slightly out of range of the bag, and practice springing in and hitting the bag with a quick combination of 3-4 punches and then springing back out of range. Focusing on speed involves relaxing and snapping your shots out as quick as you can. Take a short rest in between each combination to recover your speed. Similar to power drills, this type of hand speed drill should not be done as a burnout set, as your body will get used to throwing slower and slower as you fatigue. Work in sets of 10 to begin with, and then increase when your endurance allows you to.

Endurance Training Drills

heavy bag workoutEndurance is one of the most important skills that a fighter needs to build up in order to be successful in the ring or cage. You might have all the technique in the world, but if you lack the endurance to drive it then it won’t make any difference in actual competition. The ring is the wrong place to get tired. There are many endurance drills which can be done on a punching bag. Here are a couple of examples:

Interval Training

Hit the bag with a basic short combination (i.e. 1-2 punches) as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds. Then take an active 30-60 second rest (i.e. jogging on the spot) back to the bag as hard as you can for 30 seconds,. Then substitute a different exercise for 30-60 seconds. Do this for 3 repetitions and then take a longer break. If the interval training drill takes too much energy to begin with, then try to substitute the active period with less strenuous exercises.

30-30-30 Drill

Hit the bag in normal freestyle mode for 30 seconds. Then hit the bag as hard as you can non-stop for 30 seconds. Then hit the bag with continuous 1-2s as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Repeat this a couple of times to begin with and then increase it to more repetitions as your conditioning improves.

Wrap Up

If you start implementing some of these drills into your workout you will begin to develop you speed, power, endurance and technique. Make sure to read the reviews and visit our homepage to get all the details on the best punching bags. You can also see a few more drills here. If you are new to heavy bag training, make sure to read our how to use a heavy bag guide.