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aqua training bag

The new trend in heavy bags and punching bags is now the apparition of water heavy bags or aqua punching bags. They have many advantages such as creating a more realistic feel as well as allowing to hit harder with a reduced risk of injury. More and more brands now offer customers a few aqua punching bags in their range. We thought it is worth looking at this in a little more details to help you in your questions: What is an aqua punching bag? what are the benefits of an water heavy bag? What is the best water punching bag?

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Benefits of the water punching bags

  • It Feels more real:

Water being more flexible allow for a better landing of your punches. This will allow you to punch harder and have a better feedback from the punching bag. The water bounces better than most hard of soft fill materials. Also the human body is itself made of 65% of water an aqua punching bag will replicate this better than sand for example. This is perfect for all MMA, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai boxing who will appreciate the more realistic training conditions.

  • Less swing:

Water filled heavy bags do swing a lot less than other filled heavy and punching bags. Thanks to the physics attributes of water the bag will hardly swim even after powerful punches and kicks. Perfect for strong athletes!

  • Safer:

With a hard heavy bag when your punch is too powerful or at an off angle it can result in an injury on your arms, hands, and knuckles and then put you off training for several precious weeks. Often under estimated injuries are one of the main reason for many fighters to not reach their maximum potential. Choose a water punching bag and optimise your training time.

  • Cheaper, Takes Less Space

Thanks to the fact the aqua punching bags are filled with water they cost a lot less to send. They will be shipped empty and fit in a medium size box so shipping fees will be limited. Also because it is filled with water and not sand or else you don’t have to store the water somewhere, you can just dispose of it if you don’t need your heavy bag for a long period of time ( winter, holidays…)

We thought we would help you find the best aqua punching bags by selecting for you our top 5:

Aqua Training Bag review:


aqua training bag









  • 18 Inch for 120 Pound or 21 Inch for 190 Pound for this water heavy bag
  • For serious & beginneres Fighters as well – To improve your Punching ability, Agility, Flexibility and precision while being also not as tough on the joints
  • The material are flexible making it feel much more realistic than a conventional heavy bag
  • Multifunction – It can be used inside or outside as well as in your private gym or in a professional Gym thanks to great durability.
  • Resistant and a consistent feel – a good bonus is the 2-Year Warranty

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One of the main advantage of the aqua training bag is the huge difference in weight and volume when filled or unfilled. The 18 inch will weight 120 pounds filled but only 12 pounds when not whereas the 21 inch heavy bag will weight around 190 pound when filled but only 15 when in the parcel ready to be shipped. A great advantage if you want to move around with your punching bag.

The Aqua Training Bag has a unique design using a shell and water filling that will give you a feeling close to hitting a real opponent ( in a ring of course ). The strength you put in your punches does not have to be controlled as much as with a conventional bag thanks to the great absorption of the internal water housing.

It is also interesting to note the obvious, the aqua training bag does not have the same shape as a standard heavy bag or punching bag. It has this unique tear drop or pear shape that allow for a great number of strikes combinations such as hooks, jabs and uppercuts. The shape will also help in getting this realistic feeling and combined with the water filling and flexible material it will really give you a different level of training. We strongly recommend to try it is really fun! It does indeed feel like hitting a human body and without any pain for anybody 🙂

The aqua heavy bag is quite simple as it is only a durable and flexible commercial grade vinyl shell and water, it does also include the water filling and a solid

The Aqua Training Bag is weather proof so can be used outside or inside. Perfect or these hot summer months when you can train on your terrace / garden / patio and really we all know it is more fun to train outside and get a tan at the same time or simply just enjoy the fresh air while working out on your punching techniques! The bag is also UV resistant so good for you in sunny California 😉

Long Lasting – The Aqua Training Bag is designed to last and is guaranteed for 2 years. It will feel the same years from now as the first day you hit it, no settling or hard spots even after years of use.

What is in the Aqua training bag box?

  • Obviously the heavy bag itself.
  • Strong Shackle
  • Hose filling nozzle
  • Extra stopper

When opening the box you can be ready to punch in a few minutes. Just make sure to first attach the heavy bag to a strong support that can hold the maximum filled weight and then start filling with water thanks to the hose filling nozzle.

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