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Thanks for visiting HeavyBagGuide.com! We are martial arts enthusiasts who have been training in various disciplines for years. We’ve done it all in mma from boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jistu, taekowndo, wrestling, and more. Throughout our training we’ve probably used every heavy bag ever invented. Ok, maybe not every single one, but it seems pretty close. Some of of them we’ve loved because they responded perfectly to our striking, were built to last, and had the perfect resistance from the filler material. Other bags we hated because they were cheaply made, broke down easily, and had rock hard sections from bad filler material that had set in weird ways.

We’ve talked to many people about training equipment and everyone in mma seemingly has an opinion about which brand has the best gear. However, the truth of the matter is that there are lots of great bags from many different brands, just as there are many bad bags that we tell people to avoid. We decided to create this site because there was a real lack of clear and concise information about the best heavy bags available. Our goal is to be the primary source of news and reviews about heavy bags so that you can quickly and easily find a top bag.

For people getting involved in martial arts, they see a heavy bag and think that they are all the same. But if you are like us and have tried many different bags, you know how important finding a good bag can be for improving your training. We don’t want anyone to throw away their hard earned money on having to buy multiple bags that break, so it’s important that you get one one that will last for many years. Why waste time looking for bags when you should really be using that energy to train.

Everyone is different and the bag you chose can make a big difference in your training performance and progress. There are many heavy bags available from different brands and sifting through all the noise about which brand or product is best can be challenging. That’s why we suggest you go through our unique and interactive Heavy Bag Comparison Chart. The chart shows you important information like the weight, dimensions, filler, type, price and cost. We encourage you to check it out and find the best heavy bag for your training needs.

Make sure to also check back open to read our expert reviews to learn more about the top heavy bags. We have reviewed and will continue to review bags whenever we find one that we think is worth sharing. We also have other great info guides that will help you select the best heavy bag for your training goals. The guides cover important topics like what is the best cover material, what filler material responds best (water, sand, fabric, foam, etc), how to choose between a hanging bag and free standing bag, what are the advantages of a Muay Thai bag, and much more.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

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